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The quarterback Real Madrid preliminaries rumors Cristiano Ronaldo striker good. Not happy with the agency is not true. If not happy then it is not. The Portuguese national team to the full seven hundred. "White King" alwaysRonaldo, 33, returned to form again before Real Madrid to fight the UEFA Champions League final 16 match against Paris Saint-Germain. Team of France With a hat-trick in the match that sacked Real Sociedad 5-2 on Saturday.However, there are rumors that Ronaldo is not happy with Real Madrid and may move to the team next season as a way to open the way for Brazil national team. Move to team "White King" this summer. "I think it's not true. Because if he is not happy. He would not be here. He did everything to help the team. He is a key man with a strong team around him at Real Madrid. I do not think he is unhappy. The world knows what he can do. Have a look at his history with this club. I do not see where he is not happy, "sbobet asia