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I'm going to kill the Rising Stars! - soksophoan - 14-02-2018

[Image: news201802010039963.jpg]
Jose Mourinho boss Manchester United confirmed Marcus rasford pioneered the star. Is still a major player of the team, although the "Red Devils" will grab Alexis Sanchez to strengthen it. The players have a bright future, Saba waiting in front. Jose Mourinho , Portuguese manager of Manchester United's father-in-law, threw him out of the English Premier League. After many criticisms about the future of Marcus Rashford pioneered the Rising Star. Since the "Hui Mu" pulled Alexis Sanchez Chile national team striker. Since the "Red Devils" seized Sanchez joined the army successfully last week. It raises a lot of questions that raffford will have a future with Manchester United or not. By this Mourinho clear all the issues by confirming that. Englishman Still a key player of the team. wwwpic5678