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PE Wax Machine - fangbaby1392 - 11-04-2018

PP PET Strap MachineExtrusion Line
PET/PP strap application:
PET/PP strap is known as plastic steel band, which is used in place of steel on the world of a new environmentally friendly packaging materials, the development of new materials in recent years the cost of success and a substantial decline, have been widely used in the steel industry, chemical fiber industry, aluminum ingots, paper, brick kiln industry, screw industry, tobacco industry, electronics, textiles and wood, etc.; is replaced by a new high-strength steel strapping, is the worlds most widely used for packingproducts.
Production Features:
(1)Special twin screw extrusion technology and single screw extrusion technology can be choosing as per customer needs.
(2) Process 100% recycled PET bottle flakes.
(3) Even plasticization and stable extrusion with PLC automatic control for the full line.
(4) As per different requirements, changing a coating materials for make strap have better and special function. For example, the strap for packing cotton can be from enhancing the breaking strength and joint strength when welding strap.
(5) Melt filter with two pistons with air venting design and back flushing.
(6) Number of strap:1,2,4,6,Width: 9mm-20mm,Thickness: 0.6mm-1.5mm
(7)Workers: 2 -3 workers per shift, 12 hours/shift.
Main Technical Parameters:
Productivity (kg)20-3545-70
Stretching ratio5-65-6
Total installed power (kw)2840
Length of production line m12×2.8×1.614×2.8×1.6
Product Spec. (mm)5-195-19
Total weight (T)34.5
About us:
Any doubt, please welcome to check our showing video on Youtube as belowed link:

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