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Air Compressor manufacturers - fangzhefang - 03-07-2018

Flow Capacity (m³/min)23273445556587110
Power (Kw)
Inlet and Outlet DiametersDN65DN65DN80DN100DN100DN125DN150DN150
Net Weight (kg)15202680185021302690353043106100
※REMARK: We can provide the replacement part of famous brands.
Our cold dryer with a large capacity design, a stable outlet dew point, than the average adsorption dryer to extend the service life of more than three times, reducing maintenance costs. Our dryer delivers operational control automation and is easy to install.
Dryer should not be placed in the sun, rain, wind or relative humidity greater than 85% of the place. Do not place in a dusty, corrosive or flammable atmosphere. Do not place it in a place where there is vibration and the condensation water is in danger of freezing. Do not leave the wall too close to avoid poor ventilation. Last resort to be used in corrosive gas environment, should be used brass anti-rust treatment dryer or stainless steel heat exchanger type dryer. Should be used in the ambient temperature below 40 ℃. Compressed air imports do not take the wrong. For maintenance purposes, to ensure that the maintenance space, bypass pipe should be set. To prevent air compressor vibration transmitted to the dryer. Do not add piping weight directly to the dryer.
Do not drain upright, do not discount or crush.
Power supply voltage fluctuation is less than ± 10%. Should set the appropriate capacity of leakage circuit breakers. Must be grounded before use.
Compressed air inlet temperature is too high, the ambient temperature is too high (40 ℃ above), the use of flow rate exceeds the rated capacity, voltage fluctuations of more than ± 10%, poor ventilation (ventilation in winter, or room temperature will rise) Case, the protection circuit will play a role, light off, stop running.
When the air pressure is higher than 0.15MPa, normally open automatic drain outlet can be closed. Dryer when the drainage is too small, the drain is open, air blown.
Compressed air quality is poor, such as the mixing of dust and oil, these stolen goods will be attached to the heat exchanger, reducing its efficiency, while drainage is also easy to failure. I hope to set the filter in the dryer inlet, and to confirm the drainage of not less than once a day.
The dryer vents should be vacuum cleaned once a month.
Turn on the power until the operating status is stable, then turn on the compressed air. Stop running, you must wait for more than 3min to restart.
If you use automatic drain, should always check the drainage function is normal. Always clean the condenser dust and so on. To regularly check the pressure of the refrigerant can determine whether the refrigerant leakage and the ability of the freezer have changed. Check to check if the condensate temperature is normal.Air Compressor manufacturers